Yukio Someno

Executive Producer
Planning, Producing and Actor

Mr. Someno started his careers in Hong Kong from 1968. He appeared lots of Hong Kong movies as an actor, an action stunt and a martial art director mainly for Show Brothers films. He has wide and long business relationships with China Film staff, actors and Hong Kong/China/Taiwan film companies more than 45 years.
He is well acquainted with Hong Kong movie actors and staff such as Jimmy Wang, Charles Heung, Jimmy Heung,
Charlie Chan, Bolo Yeung, Ng See Yuen、Raymond Wong, Yuen Woo Ping, Yasuaki Kurata, Gordon Liu, Bruce Liang, Sammo Hung Kam-Bo, Carter Hwang, Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao, John Woo, Danny Lee, Alan Tang. It is famous story in Hong Kong that he recommended Bruce Lee to Golden Harvest.
He has many track records to produce Major Hong Kong and Chinese movies. “Three Great Kingdoms” (1989), “Water Margin”(2000) and “Hero Kokusenya Kassen(Sino Dutch War 1611)” (2002), etc. He is very familiar with Chinese film business and producing Japan/China joint movie based in Japan and Hong Kong.


< June 2012: Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers invited key persons for gigantic movie star "Bruce Lee" and announced Bruce Lee documentary movies. Mr. Someno was the only person invited from Japan. (The second from the right)>

Filmography (Extract) 
2014 PEE MAK (Japan License)
2014 The Tenor Lirico Spinto (Associate Producer)
2013 IP MAN TV Series (Japan License)
2013 Hero Cao Cao (Japan License)
2013 Bruce Lee, My Brother (Japan License)
2012 The Lost Bladesman (Japan License)
2012 The Act of Confucius (Japan License)
2011 IP MAN Begins (Japan License)
2011 IP MAN (Japan License)

2010 The Haunting Lover(Produce)

2008 Kung Fu Chef (Produce/Planning)
2005 One armed boxer (Produce)
2002 Hero Kokusenya Kassen (Sino Dutch War 1611)(Produce), Fist of Fury (Produce)
2000 Water Margin (Produce)
1999 Shanghai Ghost Story (Original Story) by Shogakkan Super quest book
1998 Return Of Dragon (Producer) 
1996 The Three Kingdoms - a life of Zhuge Liang, (Produce)
        The Three Kingdoms - a life of Cao Cao (Produce)
1993 Top Fighter
1992 Mr. Vampire (Produce)
1991 Black Spot (Produce)
1990 Punch To Revenge  (Planning) 
1989 Three Great Kingdoms (Produce)
1988 Momotaro(Produce), Heroic Fight (Produce)
1986 Angel (Produce) 
1983 Shaolin Drunkard (Produce)
1982 Ninja in The Dragon's Den
1981 Little Things Means A Lot
1979 Bruce And The Iron Finger
1976 Utareru mae-ni ute!, Cobra, Bloody Avengers
1976 Ikiteiru Ningen Ryokoh (TV Documentary)
1975 A visitor in night fog, Boxer Rebellion, Gambling For Head, Tiger Force
1974 MANDA, The Bravest Fist, Kung Fu Conspiracy, Big Risk, Dragons Never Die
1973 None But The Brave, Japanese Connection, Chinese Hercules, Attack of the Kung Fu Girls
1973 Thunderfist, Survival of the Dragon
1972 Five Finger of Death, Pi li quan
1971 The Long Chase, Six Assassins
1970 King Boxer, Brothers Five, Devil Woman, Shi san tai bao
1969 Dragon Swamp












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